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Level Up Your Beekeeping

Deepen Your Beekeeping Mastery

Advance your beekeeping knowledge with our Intermediate Bee School, designed for those looking to deepen their beekeeping mastery. This course builds on foundational skills, introducing advanced techniques in hive management, pest and disease control, and queen rearing.

Engage in practical, in-depth discussions and workshops that challenge you to solve beekeeping dilemmas and optimize your apiary's productivity. Elevate your practice and become a more effective, sustainable beekeeper with our comprehensive curriculum.

Intermediate Bee School

Are you ready to advance your beekeeping skills with our Intermediate Bee School? This course is exclusive to MCBA club members. If you are not yet a member, join us today to become eligible for enrollment. Secure your spot now and transform your beekeeping practice with advanced insights and techniques. Membership brings numerous benefits, including access to this advanced course.

About Intermediate Bee School 

Join our Intermediate Bee School and connect with a network of passionate beekeepers. This course offers you the opportunity to:

  • Gain in-depth insights into advanced beekeeping techniques.

  • Learn from and interact with leading beekeeping experts.

  • Access to member-exclusive resources and advanced equipment. Each session is designed to build on your existing skills, enabling you to manage your hives more effectively and sustainably.

Why Enroll?

Course Information

Duration: 2 hours

Location: 4921 Randolph Rd. Charlotte, NC 28211

Time: 7:00 to 9:00 PM

Class Schedule: ​

Sept 3rd  - Subject (Fall) - Instructor (Joe Komperda)

Sept 10th - Subject (Winter) - Instructor (George Mcallister)

Sept 17th - Subject (Spring) - Instructor (Justin Orders)

Sept 24th - Subject (Summer) - Instructor (Terry Edwards)

Prerequisites: Completion of Beginner Bee School or equivalent experience.

  • Intermediate Bee School

    Exclusive to MCBA club members, our Intermediate Bee School is designed for those ready to advance their beekeeping skills. Enrollment is open only to current MCBA club members.
    Valid for 12 months
    • Advanced Hive Management
    • Queen Rearing Techniques
    • Disease and Pest Management:
    • Sustainable Practices
    • Hands-On Field Work

History of Beekeeping

Bee Biology and Behavior

Beekeeping Equipment

Getting Started with Bees

Bee Health - Part 1

Hands On - Beekeeping

Bee Health - Part 2

Beekeeping Calendar

Review and NCSBA Exam

What You'll Learn

  • What types of events does MCBA host?
    MCBA hosts various events, including educational workshops, beekeeping training sessions, social gatherings like Bees n Brews Night, honey-tasting contests, and expert talks on pest management and bee conservation. Our events cater to both beginners and experienced beekeepers.
  • How can I register for an event?
    Event registration is simple! Just visit our Events page, select the event you're interested in, and click on the registration link provided. Most events are free, while others may require a fee.
  • Do I need to be a member to attend MCBA events?
    While membership provides added benefits, many of our events are open to the public. We encourage non-members to join us and learn more about beekeeping. Certain events may be exclusive to members, so check the event details for more information.
  • What should I bring to an MCBA event?
    Depending on the event, you might need to bring beekeeping gear, note-taking materials, or just your enthusiasm for bees! Event-specific details will be provided on the registration page, including any required or recommended items.
  • Can I suggest a topic or speaker for future events?
    Absolutely! We love hearing from our community. If you have a suggestion for a topic or know an expert who would make a great speaker, please get in touch with us through the 'Contact Us' section on our website. We're always looking to diversify our event offerings.

Have a specific question
about Intermediate Bee School?

Sherron Badour

 Contact Sherron, our Bee School Coordinator directly for quick and expert answers. Click below to ask your question and get the guidance you need to succeed in your beekeeping journey.

Bee School Coordinator

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