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From Hobbyists to Honey Heroes

Bee School

Join our Bee School to learn beekeeping from the basics to advanced techniques through interactive courses and workshops.

Club History

Explore the rich heritage of our club, from its humble beginnings to its growth into a thriving community of bee enthusiasts. 


Attend our events for workshops and socials that bring beekeepers together to learn and share.

Swarm Information

Get expert advice on managing and safely relocating bee swarms, protecting both the bees and our communities

Resources Information

Explore a wealth of beekeeping resources, offering everything you need for informed, successful beekeeping practices.

Become a Member

Connect with a vibrant network of bee enthusiasts and access exclusive resources and events tailored to beekeeping success.

Learn more about the club

Our Mission

Supporting Bees, Beekeepers, and Biodiversity

Our mission is to champion the health and sustainability of honeybees, crucial pollinators in our ecosystem, through comprehensive education and conservation. We dedicate ourselves to fostering a supportive community of beekeepers and enthusiasts, encouraging sustainable beekeeping and stewardship practices.

By engaging with the broader community and advocating for the importance of bees, we aim to enhance biodiversity and support the vital role bees play in our environment. Together, we work to ensure a flourishing future for bees, beekeepers, and the natural world.

If you've encountered a swarm and need assistance, our beekeepers are here to help. Check our Swarm List for experienced beekeepers in your area ready to safely relocate bees.

It's Swarm Season. Do you need help with a swarm?

Dive into the world of beekeping with articles crafted by our bee enthusiasts - from beginner tips to expert insights.

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Access our speaker request form to invite an expert beekeeper’s insight and enthusiasm to your next event. 

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Officers for 2024

Guiding the Swarm

2017 Bee School Alumni, Journeyman Beekeeper. I enjoy the challenges of beekeeping as much as its sweet rewards.

Maryann Helton


I have a Masters degree in Environmental Science from Uni of South Carolina and have been keeping bees for 3 years. I started beekeeping because I was concerned about the lack of pollinators in my yard, fruit trees and garden.

Michael Entrekin

Vice President

Sean Weddington


Charlotte native and 6th year beekeeper. Completed Meck bee school in 2019 when I had two hives and now in 2024 I have around 50.

Justin Orders


Tommy Helms

Past President

Join our hive today to connect, learn, and grow with fellow beekeeping enthusiasts. 

Become A Member

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Rent a Honey Extractor

Enhance your honey harvesting with access to top-quality honey extractors, available for rent through our club. This service is exclusively for members, ensuring you have the tools needed for efficient extraction, no matter the size of your harvest. Not a member yet? Join our community today to gain access to this and other exclusive beekeeping resources.

Elevate your beekeeping skills! Join our Intermediate Bee School now! Dive deeper into advanced techniques and strategies designed to enhance your hive's productivity

Intermediate Beeschool 

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